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Is the title of our absolute entry point campaign and priced if you have little budget, its a special way to get you noticed for a low price but with a chance to expand later with discounts. here you find a short synopsys of what its about ... for fuller detail just email


Frusion's introductory media campaigns are the perfect way of getting your artistic foot through the door and getting that all important profile raised OR re-establishing your profile if things have been quiet for a while In today’s world LIVE performance is where it's at ... and its where we are focusing getting you noticed so you can play more, sell more and increase your potential ...


You know how it is , you've spent hours perfecting what you do, you play , you produce albums dvd's streamed video on youtube but unless people know you're there you're wasting your talents, and thats where we come in. Its a false economy to forget about media PR work and think people will notice anyway , you send off some press packs and hope for the best !


Well we don't do that, when you work with us you're buying into years of personal contacts with press / media and that includes the BBC ( National and Local radio ) and other key media outlets our experience AND contacts are invaluable and that's what you're buying into! we get you noticed within mainstream UK media , renowned and respected around the world in reviews for music and arts ... a decent review from any mainstream newspaper or magazine and maybe a little airplay or an interview on the BBC can make all the difference both for getting more shows and increasing sales of your music getting more shows ..


We want you to succeed and thus if on a small budget we're introducing this perfect way to get noticed Whilst this doesn't encompass the scope of the bigger campaigns we do it’s certainly a big helping hand.


Bigger better profile makes for more live shows and we can help make this happent ! and get there! Let’s talk, let’s act, let’s get you moving to where you need and help you along the path to where you need to be!

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