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Our media partners

We cover every aspect of where you want to with a higher profile and be seen in media



Mainstream Newsprint  


All National Newspapers


Specialist  Magazines


BBC UK National and Local Radio


Independent Radio and DJ's Producers




Social Media ( consultancy only )


We also have excellent relationships with




Sync companies


Distribution companies



Over many years we've come to know a lot of people in the media indusrty and many associated music and arts professional. These relationships are based on trust and an understanding that we only send music that makes sense to them .


So you spent years perfecting your art , you maybe spent a fortune on producing an album maybe a dvd / blue ray or youtube / vimeo video its fantastic , but the sad truth is unless you get that in front of a mass audience it will never be noticed and that is exactly where we come in.


We don't send anything to anyone who we think your music is not appropriate to . The name of our game is FOCUS. Media campaigns cover many areas and we can design anything to cover particular needs if you want something special.


What we also do is to provide a number of ready made plans that have proved highly effective over the years from simple entry level campaigns where you want to improve your profile or releasing a new track or album


Whether you have a physical cd to relase , a single track or digital only releases we work with it all.


We can and will advise on social media to tie in with your campaign and above all work in collaberation with you to make this a really postive experience.


Example  of ready designed campaigns include



Push your profile ( UK and non UK acts )


        Profile raising  drip campaign ( 3 levels )


Single release blast campaign



what , why and how

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